Humanscale’s innovative task lights were designed, like all our products, with performance, simplicity and beauty as their drivers. Our intuitive task lights help to reduce eye strain, improve computer-based reading comfort and reduce energy use and costs. All of our task lights feature a sustainable design and use advanced LED technology, so the user can work in comfort and companies can shrink their carbon footprint.

Humanscale’s task lights include Horizon, part of MoMAs permanent collection thanks to its visually striking fusion of form and function, Element Disc, a futuristic LED design, Element Vision, with a clever heat dispersing design and the ultra-efficient Element 790 light.

Overhead lighting is one of the biggest culprits of energy consumption. By placing energy-efficient task lights at every workstation, overhead lighting levels can generally be reduced, slashing energy use and costs. Research has shown that a dual-source lighting system can reduce energy consumption by as much as 67%. Plus, our task lights feature built-in dimmer switches and sensors that automatically shut the light off when you leave the area to save energy.

All of our task lights were created to offer the user complete ease of use, comfort and longevity. Humanscale task lights use only LED, which are more cost and energy efficient than comparable incandescent bulbs. LEDs use as little as 10% of the energy and last up to 60 times longer than incandescents.

Because computers, laptops and tablets are backlit, our eyes need as much as 20 times more light when reading paper based documents. Our task lights offer comfortable lighting for every user, and they’re simple to adjust too.