The award-winning FR500 delivers effortless functionality in a simple, stylish package. Like all Humanscale Foot Rockers, the FR500 promotes health and comfort by getting the user’s feet moving. This addition to the workstation provides instant relief from prolonged sitting by encouraging a gentle rocking of the feet.

The FR500 Foot Rockers provides perfect support for the feet and legs when sitting. By engaging lower leg muscles, it increases healthful circulation while also raising the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back.

Designed with a graceful curvature, the FR500 encourages users to get their legs and feet moving. Its innovative design ensures the user’s feet stay firmly planted on the foot rest so the user can gently rock all day long.

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Healthy Movement

With curved supports to encourage healthful rocking, the FR500 foot rest offers a new level of functionality in an elegant package. It provides effortless support for the lower back, allowing users to sit for extended periods without fatigue or discomfort.

No Slipping

The FR500 features rubber, non-skid grips to help users maintain the most comfortable position possible without having to make constant adjustments.

Timeless Design

With a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, the FR500 complements any environment. Made from molded plywood, steel and aluminium, its robust design makes it the perfect ergonomic foot rest for the executive office.

  • Product Weight: 2.7kg (6 lbs.)


  • All Foot Rests - 15 Years Warranty


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Joe R.

Great Product
Well made and comfortable.

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Yesse P.

Really needed this!
Really like it. Keeps my feet rocking throughout the day. I found this product and it has helped my blood circulation and prevents numbness on my legs.

Happy Clients